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“ We provide meters, data collection, billing and payment collection services to help streamline your cashflow and produce timely bills. Effectively allowing your residents to actively control their household budget. All metering data is also visible via a digital dashboard located in each home. Kaldien can bring lower operating costs and improved management to all types of organizations and facilities of all sizes..”


Open and scalable technology Kaldien is fully scalable and infinitely expandable. Built around proven industry-standard technologies, the system can grow in line with your needs.  The solution does not require any proprietary hardware to connect to controls networks and is based on open IT standards.

High end graphics and capability through a simple Web Interface Kaldien provides you with a common look and feel for all your systems.

Using familiar Web browsers with associated authentication, users gain real-time visibility through crisp and easy to navigate graphical Web pages. Data from these disparate systems can be displayed and monitored in a common format, providing the ability to quickly re-think, plan and improve operational efficiency, with measurable results.

Real-time display graphics Kaldien contains all of the features necessary to create high quality real-time dynamic mimics within a standard Web Browser. Providing rich and real-time graphical content to present your data in a clear and intuitive fashion - Ideal for Public Displays.

Inherent Java security ensures that client defences are never compromised; unlike ActiveX based web solutions which present potential security risks.

Public Displays Public and interactive displays are a sample of ways in which people can participate in learning how to reduce energy usage and giving them the tools to do so.

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