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Simplify life for IT while delivering a reliably exceptional connectivity experience.

At Kaldien we are proud to be an official Gold Partner of Ruckus Wireless WiFi products. Fully-loaded and fully-capable, the Ruckus Smart Wi-Fi portfolio builds on more than a decade’s worth of patented technologies to offer simplicity, ridiculous reliability, killer coverage and crazy-high capacity—at a fraction of the cost of alternatives.

When it comes to choosing the right WLAN architecture, we’ve got every angle covered. Want super-simple? Ruckus Unleashed gives you plug-and-play ease. Intuitive? Ruckus Cloud Wi-Fi is all that and more. Prefer an on-premises approach? ZoneDirector and SmartZone offer the ultimate enterprise-grade feature set. Data center deployment? Virtual SmartZone is uber-flexible, uber-capable.

And when it comes to Ruckus Wireless Wi-Fi APs, the world is your oyster: indoor, outdoor, meshed, video, voice, data, 802.11ac Wave 1, Wave 2—take your pick. Throw any challenge our way—we dare you.

Of course, Ruckus Wi-Fi is just the start. Cloudpath onboarding software makes secure, password-free BYOD and guest access a reality. SPoT™ turns your WLAN into a footfall analytics powerhouse and powerful location-based services enabler. The SmartCell™ Insight (SCI) big data analytics gateway transforms your network into a potent business decision-making tool.

From the coffee shop to the campus to the carrier, Ruckus products are ready to give you a simply better wireless experience. So don't delay contact us today.

Incident Analytics, Network Health Monitoring and Client Troubleshooting

Proliferating devices and data-intensive applications place ever-increasing demands on modern networks. High user expectations for great performance can put pressure on IT teams. Service assurance is a challenge without real insight into network operations. Without the right tools in place, IT teams struggle to meet their SLAs. Helpdesk tickets mount and trouble tickets take too long to resolve.

RUCKUS Analytics is a cloud service for network intelligence and service assurance. Powered by machine learning and artificial intelligence, it gives you unprecedented insight into what’s really going on in your RUCKUS network. It delivers powerful incident analytics, automated health monitoring, advanced client troubleshooting, reporting, dashboards and more.


You become more efficient in assuring network service levels and gain the insight needed to meet and exceed user expectations. Comprehensive visibility into network operations reduces costs and aids in capacity planning for your RUCKUS network.

RUCKUS Analytics Product Walkthrough

This video provides a walkthrough of key features in RUCKUS Analytics, a cloud service for network intelligence and service assurance. It covers modules that include the top-level dashboard, network health monitoring, incident analytics, client troubleshooting and more.

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