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Enables tenants to be billed using the data collected centrally from the heat meters in houses.

Kaldien have been supplying housing asscoaiations across the UK with heat metering automated billing and energy monitoring services for the last 12 years. Our automated billing services enables tenants to be billed using the data collected centrally from the heat meters in houses. We also offer install consultanices, supply and installation serivces, and automated billing and payment services.

There are a vaerity of different way in which to obtain information on heat metering and billing services. As an example in a recent project we installed heat meters within each house and fitted with a shutoff valve. This allows for two way control to the meter and gives the client the ability to shut off the meters if payment isn’t received. The thermal reads from the meters are converted each month into consumption data and converted into a monthly heating and hot water cost via our automated billing service and a set of bills are sent out monthly to the residents.

The payment system is set up to offer the residents the option to pay monthly via direct debit, credit card, the phone or website.


Shows residence how they could reduce their heating and electricity usage.

Our Energy Dashboard offers residents a personal interactive touch screen in each home that provides information on how much energy they are using, together with information on how best to use their home to maximise energy efficiency.

The screen also informs them how much they could reduce their heating and electricity usage by in order to meet their personal savings targets. It can inform them when is the best time to use their electrical appliances in order to maximise the solar panels’ contribution, allow them to send comments or questions, and even see when their next bus is due.

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Real time meter reading data.

Here the client can have an overview of all the data within the project or over multiple projects over multiple sites. The client can drill down to each individual heat meter and view the exact data for that meter in real time.

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We  can fix faults before it comes an issue

Through real time alerts and the ability to remotely interrogate the thermal meters, in real time, we are able to diagnose performance issues or problems that will require a site visit. Another aspect of this is that we can fix faults before they become a problem.

Below is a typical interrogation of a number of heat meter parameters to check system and meter performance is ok.

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Our profiling suite allows for the ease of data comparison and diagnostic on a large scale.

The client can amalgamate a wide variety of data from multiple sources and deliver it directly to the GUI when needed. The stored meter data from the houses is displayed in real time and can be compared to other data through the profiler side of the interface and is stored on a central server. Archived data can be called up and detailed data comparisons can be created across the entire data range.


Data can be input from multiple sources including Historic Data files, Building Automation Systems, Occupancy Levels, production Levels and RSS Weather Feed in order to provide direct comparisons to the Energy Profile. Our profiling suite allows for the ease of data comparison and diagnostic on a large scale.

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