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Using developed drivers to communicate with almost all building automation systems, industrial and meter protocols, industry-standard or proprietary. Our software allows multiple drivers to run simultaneously, thereby allowing many disparate systems to be connected as if they were one system, through a common graphical user interface.

Using your existing IT network infrastructure or the Internet, you can take control, in realtime, of your operation and efficiency of your buildings and industrial processes - wherever you are. Kaldien is experienced with most building management system (BMS) and industrial protocols.

Client dashboard 2.jpg
Client dashboard 2.jpg
Client dashboard 2.jpg

This enables Kaldien to provide real time Supply and performance data to generate advanced Exception Reporting and Energy Alerts, as they happen. Alerting people in this way is key in providing Active Demand Management and an edge in controlling, reducing energy consumption and spend in real-time. Management is able to concentrate on taking action to correct malfunctions and deviations, rather than spending large amounts of time obtaining and analysing data from disparate sources.

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